Raipur’s Zero Waste Garba Festival: Showcasing a Cleaner Tomorrow

First published in ED Times.

In the midst of the jubilant celebrations at Garba events held in various locations, the issue of waste management after the festivities became a pressing concern. Wastech, an experienced waste management company, adopted a proactive stance to address this issue by collaborating with various events in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The zero-waste Garba celebration in Raipur has established an exemplary standard by marking a significant milestone: “the city’s first-ever zero-waste Garba event”. The waste generated by the over 2,500 participants in this magnificent celebration has been managed responsibly through proper channelization, involving authorised co-processors and recyclers, contributing to a cleaner environment. This endeavour demonstrates how a zero-waste event can have a positive cascading effect on the people of Raipur.

Zero Waste Garba Celebration

Traditional waste disposal practices, such as landfilling and open-air burning, frequently result in environmental degradation, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. This zero-waste Garba celebration in Raipur implements “Reduce, Reuse, Refill” at potable water sources, bringing zero-waste living one step closer. Furthermore, we employ responsible moist and dry waste management practices that result in environmentally friendly disposal procedures. Besides immediate environmental benefits, the local community also benefits from the responsible decomposition of refuse collected at this event. Improper waste disposal can contaminate soil and water sources, endangering the health of local residents. 

The inclusion of waste management and zero-waste living has served this event as a platform to raise awareness of this pressing concern. Through interactive activities and community gatherings, we equipped attendees with the knowledge that basic changes in behaviour can have a substantial positive effect on the environment. Attendees were spurred on to bring reusable water bottles, thereby reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles and nurturing a greener and more sustainable event. The waste management was carefully monitored throughout the event to ensure effective waste removal and transportation to the MRF (Material Recovery Facility).

Wastech worked closely with vendors and caterers to align them with the event’s sustainability objectives, thereby minimising pollution from the event. The committed team guided attendees through waste stations, emphasising the significance of zero waste and advocating proper waste segregation. Further, Wastech remains at the forefront of pollution reduction and environmental protection. Our collaboration with the zero-waste Garba celebration in Raipur exemplifies the seamless incorporation of sustainable practices into all aspects of our lives, from celebrations to daily rituals.

In conclusion, the zero-waste Garba celebration in Raipur is an aspiring example of how responsible waste management and sustainable practices can convert traditional events into environmentally friendly and community-focused gatherings. By effectively managing waste through disposing, recycling, and recovery, this event showcases the positive impact of sustainable waste management on the environment and our well-being as human beings. It also spreads awareness about the significance of adopting a zero-waste lifestyle, offering a blueprint for future events and communities to follow. Our work for waste reduction and environmental protection continues to pave the way for a clearer, greener, and more sustainable future for Raipur, Chhattisgarh, and the world at large.

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