Classic Comb Collection: 2-Piece Set

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Enhance your hair care routine with our Neem Wood Comb Set featuring a Rake Comb (19cm), Pin Tail (25cm).

Stimulate your scalp, control hair fall and dandruff, and promote hair growth with these 100% natural, authentic Neem Wood combs. Eco-friendly and oil-treated for optimal care.

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  1. Elevate your hair care ritual with our Neem Wood Comb Set, featuring  a Rake Comb (19cm), and a Pin Tail (25cm). Crafted from 100% natural and authentic Neem Wood, these combs provide more than just styling tools; they offer a holistic approach to hair health.
    • Stimulating Scalp Wellness: The natural properties of Neem Wood stimulate the scalp, promoting blood circulation, and contributing to overall scalp health. Experience a therapeutic touch with every stroke.
    • Controlling Hairfall and Dandruff: Our comb set actively addresses hair fall and dandruff concerns, fostering a healthier scalp environment. Enjoy the dual benefits of styling and hair care in one seamless routine.
    • Promoting Hair Growth: Beyond conventional combs, these Neem Wood tools aid in promoting hair growth. The gentle stimulation of the scalp encourages improved hair follicle health, fostering natural growth.
    • Eco-Friendly and Oil-Treated: Embrace eco-conscious living with our biodegradable Neem Wood combs. Treated with nourishing oils for enhanced durability, they not only care for your hair but also for the environment.

    Invest in the fusion of nature and authenticity for your hair care journey. Our Neem Wood Comb Set is a testament to sustainable grooming, offering a blend of holistic well-being and environmental consciousness in every stroke


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