Legacy waste dumpsites

Legacy Waste – An uprising issue

Over decades, our carelessness in exploiting resources, handling them, and implementing incorrect rules resulted in the creation of about 3,159 dumpsites in India. The scale and quantity of legacy waste at these dumpsites is a ticking time bomb. This has caused adverse environmental consequences for air, water, and soil. With the excuse that there are no existing facilities in India for processing solid trash, municipal corporations, municipal councils, and Nagar panchayats chose to build man-made hills full of garbage. These dumpsites are present on the edges of cities. As cities have expanded over time, dumpsites are now in the core of cities. Delhi is a prime example of this. Cities welcome visitors from other states with a view of these dumpsites.

Addressing the issue

Removal of more than 3,000 dumpsites in India is a must. Unscientifically designed landfills lead to irreparable environmental damage. Due to these damages there is generation of leachates, emitting greenhouse gasses, polluting groundwater, and so on. Land disposal is still a threat to handle due to its environmental, ecological, and socioeconomic repercussions.

As a result, there is an urgent need to reclaim the existing dumpsites to make sure that the land availability (referred to as extended landfill capacity) and reclaim untapped materials stored in ancient dumpsites. The biomining of dumpsites is facilitated by a process known as bioremediation. It is microbe-mediated organic waste decomposition that is accomplished by introducing biological inoculum to the dumpsite.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for the government to take strict actions towards this issue. One way to make sure the proper treatment of legacy waste is to have source segregation so that waste can be treated properly.

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